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  N. Ranga Rao born on 19.10.1912 was the only son of Smt. Lakshmi and Shri. Narayanachar, a school teacher at Uslampatti.  He grew up to be a man of vision and ambition.  He chose to break away from the traditional family professions of Purohits and School Teachers in rural south India. Shri. N. Ranga Rao started his working life in the stores at the Arvankadu Cordite factory to initially learn the ways of the business world.

In 1948, Shri. N. Ranga Rao and family moved to Mysore to start new ventures and follow his dreams. While trading in commodities to support his family of wife and 4 children, he was also striving hard and working towards being an entrepreneur in the agarbathi industry.

A point to mention here is that his wife Smt. Sita played a significant role in building the enterprise along with her husband Shri. N. Ranga Rao.

He had foreseen the gradual movement towards nuclear families from the large joint family system. N. Ranga Rao was a man of strong convictions and family values.  He believed in the importance of inculcating the feeling of togetherness and bonding within the family. He was sure that in spite of living apart, being together we would still stand strong, healthy and go beyond all boundaries.

Let us consciously emulate the principles and ideals of our fore father Shri. N. Ranga Rao while we dream and glow with the thought of just being a RANGA.
Be proud that you are a part of the Ranga clan. Come let there be connectivity between us at all times, to share and care by keeping in touch and enjoying each other’s company within this portal too.
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